The Case for Trump + Cruz

It’s difficult at this point to envision a Trump/Cruz ticket, but James Lewis makes a few excellent points in this post from American Thinker:

There is an atmosphere of doom and despair hanging over the capital of the United States today. The cause is by far the most competitive and genuinely democratic Republican primary season in many years, with by far the best team of Republican candidates, drawing more viewers to more substantive television debates than ever before. In history.

My hero Charles Krauthammer is down-hearted at the sight of Donald Trump leading the pack. Dr. Krauthammer rightly blames the highly trained, Soros-paid and organized ruckus-makers who invaded Donald Trump’s meeting in Chicago. Krauthammer notes, “This was an act of deliberate sabotage created by a totalitarian left that specializes in the intimidation and silencing of political opponents.”

This is exactly correct.

But you know where his column is going. It’s Trump who is the real menace in the minds of D.C., across the spectrum – which is too Marie Antoinette for words. Conservatives have been calling for a popular revolt against the neo-Stalinist left for years, and when it shows up in the shape of Donald Trump, the Orange Demon, they join the P.C. Organs of Propaganda in whipping up hysteria. Even when Trump issues policy papers taken straight from our leading pundits, it’s not good enough.

This makes me think that Trump’s real sin is his unparalleled vulgarity, as practiced in the outer boroughs of New York. Yes, our deep thinkers believe in democracy, but they feel an “air of menace” at the real thing, as if the vulgar mob is about to storm the Bastille.

Now, consider that America has barely survived almost eight years of the most radical left, America-sabotaging, and politically inverted administration in history. Yet D.C. conservatives have come to terms with a racialist-Marxist-Islamophile administration, straight from the Chicago Machine. Apparently our folks have come to terms with it, because they are shocked (shocked!) at a successful New York businessman actually leading the pack. There is absolutely zero evidence that The Don has ever stirred up a riot, while the Soros-funded ruckus-makers have trained for years to do exactly what they did in Chicago.

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