The Choice We Make: To Fight or Not to Fight the Information War

Every week American conservatives produce an impressive amount of material in the form of op eds, white papers, policy proposals, and news reporting. Unfortunately, most of that information reaches only the choir, those who are already convinced of the rightness of the conservative cause.

While I am not calling for there to be fewer things written or studied, I am saying that if Republicans and conservatives don’t start giving more attention to the work of outreach to the uninformed and misinformed, not only are those excellent arguments and reports wasted, but the number of low information voters is not diminished and thus we head into another presidential year with the chance of losing not only the election but possibly the country as well.

Many people talk at and around the problem without actually addressing the solution — which is for our side to stop allowing the schools, the liberal media, and pop culture to completely dominate the debate. Maybe this is because smart people have a hard time accepting the fact that their words are not being heard. The sad truth is, however, that this is still true: “The greatest problem in communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished.”

Regarding the stakes that all good conservatives are aware, here is William L. Gensert writing last week at American Thinker:

Someone once said, “No matter how fast light travels, it will always find that darkness has gotten there first.” Today America is shrouded in darkness, her future uncertain. Much of it caused by the incoherent rule of the amorphous Barack Obama and the poor decisions he has deliberately made.

A hundred years from now, the presidential election of 2016 will be seen as a time when America was at a crucial crossroads in the grand experiment that is the United States. Will we as a nation return to the path that the country had been successfully traveling for almost two and a half centuries, or will America follow the trail blazed by Barack Obama and become just another third-world state, one among a world of second-rate socialist experiments?

The media has morphed into a paid arm of the Democratic Party. It is deeper than that, however, our once free press has become not only a spokesman for liberal policies, there no longer is a line between members of the media and the Democratic Party — it has become a revolving door, where members of the media and their families join the administration, and members of the administration join the media. Consequently, the nation’s destruction under our solipsist, sophist president has largely gone unnoticed by the press, and thus, for the most part, unknown to a population not paying attention.

We are fighting for our nation’s survival. We cannot afford another weak candidate, or a candidate whose administration would be business as usual.

We have a choice to make in 2016, and what we decide will not only decide the fate of America, but the entire world.

Read Gensert’s entire article here.

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