The “Civil Unions” vote and the bankrupt Illinois Republican Party

Just as we suffered losing another state-level election in Illinois earlier this month, Republican Party Platform supporters may suffer another test if the so-called “civil unions” bill comes up for a vote in our General Assembly.

Has our side made any progress since January 2005, when the horrendous SB3186 passed the G.A. adding unnatural sexual predilections to the state’s “human rights” statute? Our Republican leaders were caught flat-footed back then. Today, they know the vote is coming. What are they doing about it? Are they doing what they can to lobby their fellow legislators to avoid what would be a disaster for the state on so many levels?

Now factor in two other items that relate to this impending vote.

First, perennial candidate Jim Oberweis is reporting that the Illinois Republican Party’s State Central Committee is working on ways to punish independently elected Republican Precinct Committeemen who support non-Republican candidates. He made this announcement at the Western Townships Kane County Republican Organization a couple of weeks ago.

By the way it should be noted that there’s no doubt that Jim made this information available because this writer – an elected Republican Precinct Committeeman who belongs to the same organization as Jim does – announced his support for the Libertarian candidate at last month’s meeting over the extremely liberal Mark Kirk. I’ll address this topic in greater length at some other time.

Second, the word from Springfield is that Comptroller-elect Judy Baar Topinka is lobbying heavily on behalf of the immoral civil unions bill which is contrary to our Platform.

Okay, so let us add all this up. We’re supposed to support candidates like Judy Baar Topinka because she’s a Republican, even though her elevation means there’s one more empowered voice in the party against fundamental morality and the preservation of the traditional family and social fabric.

If we don’t, the amazingly vapid, mal-motivated, or ethically challenged members of the State Central Committee will find a way to punish us.

Is it any wonder state-level Republicans continue to lose in Illinois?

If the Republican Party in Illinois isn’t about advancing good policies in line with our party platform, then it’s only about legislator or other state employee personal pensions, or petty fiefdoms, or state jobs, or state contracts.

Hey tea party and 9/12 patriot groups: you had better stay in the fight, increase your numbers, and work on taking over the Illinois GOP. It’s a morally bankrupt organization that can only be saved by you.