The Clown Show Cometh

By Derek Hunter:

The 2020 race is officially underway. The Democratic Party had their first round of debates this week and I have never been more thankful that I’m not a Democrat. But I’m also terrified that even one of these people has a chance to be a major party’s nominee for President of the United States.

If you watched the debate, especially if you watched both nights, you probably felt like I did – like you needed one of those showers the guys in the Chernobyl had after they’d been tasked with tossing radioactive graphite chunks from the roof. After washing off the horror, I wanted to see how much of an impression the candidates, if any, left on me a day later. Some did, most didn’t. Of those who did, none were good.

Night one was a waste of time. The Democratic Party explicitly did not want to have a “kid’s table” debate, but night one was easily the undercard. With the exception of Elizabeth Warren, none of the participants are polling in double digits. I almost felt bad for Warren, with the luck of the draw relegating her to the debate with future also-rans.

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