The conservative social issues will win inside the GOP – and here’s why

I’ve been pointing to the 2011-2012 election cycle as the time when the Republican Party will have to come to grips with what the homosexual issue is really all about. Therefore it was good news that key conservatives groups boycotted the recent CPAC convention because of the participation of GOProud. Now there’s news that GOProud will not be invited next year.

It has also been a pleasure to hear from strong, articulate voices within the Republican Party holding the line in defense of traditional values. Michele Bachmann, Mike Pence, Jim DeMint, and Rick Santorum are four of the politicians who are boldly taking on the radical social left wing within their own party. Five years ago I expressed my optimism about this struggle:

How can I be optimistic that the ‘homosexual rights’ movement will fail in its attempt to radicalize America? Easy. Just look at the news footage and the pictures from this past Sunday’s homosexual ‘pride parade’ in Chicago. Can those people parading down the street win the argument? I don’t believe it.

The pessimist says the moral struggle is over and that we’ve lost. Down the road, they say, there will be a similar parade in every suburb and small town in Illinois. I say don’t bet on it. There are too many other examples from history of things that looked un-winnable but turned out to be otherwise.

The superficial analysis says that our culture is permanently changing for the worse. Traditional values are being tossed out the window for good. Thus, the homosexual agenda will eventually prevail. This is supposedly evidenced especially by public opinion polls of young people. That’s right, the very same people that Rush Limbaugh accurately refers to as those having “young skulls full of mush.”

But all of the serious arguments are on our side. The Centers for Disease Control – in politically incorrect-like fashion – continues to report on the many horrible physical maladies found in disproportionately high rates among those who live the homosexual lifestyle.

The old-line press purposefully ignores this disgusting information because it doesn’t fit in with the narrative they push – which is that it’s a perfectly healthy alternative lifestyle. This is particularly ironic since the dying old media usually loves news stories dealing with health issues.

The negative physical consequences of the homosexual lifestyle are only one of the many things that doom the success of those who push this radical left-wing agenda. When more Americans learn about the health facts, as well as the true nature of the issue, they’ll move beyond youthful foolishness.

Earlier this week I highlighted the writing of Laurie Higgins. Laurie’s writing effectively reveals the lies and misinformation that dominate the thinking on this topic in much of our country today. In an article late last year Laurie reported on the new documentary “Whole.” Laurie explained that it “explores the troubling topic of Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID).”

What does this have to do with the homosexual “rights” agenda? Don’t forget that the movement embraces the acronym GLBTQ – which stands for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Questioning. If you Google it you’ll learn that the number of letters is getting longer as each sexually confused group looks to be recognized.

As we discussed, Gender Identity Disorder (GID) is still listed as a mental illness, though for political reasons homosexuality has been removed from that list. The “T” in GLBT therefore really means GID in a lot of cases. Nevertheless, the rest of the pack locks arms. And as Laurie Higgins reports, “BIID” is just as nuts as those who pretend they’re no longer the gender they were born.

I highly recommend her article. It’s not long, but it’s packed with paragraphs like these:

“Sexual and gender anarchists have created the useful rhetorical tool of ‘identity’ to impel their cultural revolution, and this tool is now being exploited by ‘amputee wannabes.’ The cornerstones of ‘identity’ in this anchorless, funhouse world are any powerful, persistent feelings and desires that an individual happens to experience and chooses to value. In order to be a happy, ‘authentic’ person, one must fulfill or act upon those powerful, persistent desires. In this distorted construct, impeded or unsatiated desires result in inauthentic, unfulfilled lives.

These sexual anarchists are, of necessity, moral relativists. One of the impediments to authenticity and fulfillment is moral disapprobation, so all expressions of disapproval of the beliefs and actions of sexual and gender relativists have now become anathema and must be silenced by hook, crook, epithets, and laws–diversity and tolerance be damned.”

Click here to read it.

The volume and intensity of the voices of moral leadership in this country are getting stronger, and their reach, greater. The battle has begun and it’s off to a good start. The Republican Party will not be lost to the moral relativists.