The Democrat Moral Superiority Complex

AmericanThinker2It’s time for another American Thinker day here at Dispatches. First up, Karin McQuillan:

I recently met a man who cycled from his home in California to Maryland. When I exclaimed how interesting it must have been to talk with Americans across the country, he looked at me as if I had two heads. “Are you crazy? I didn’t talk to anyone,” he told me. “They’re all red-necks.”

A liberal friend solemnly warned me not to tell anyone I support the Tea Party. They’re all racists, wacko survivalists and birthers, she told me, impervious to anything I said about my pride in the Tea Party, and our mainstream issues: fiscal responsibility and constitutional, limited government. She knew we were racist because there were only white people at our rallies. No matter there’s not a black face at the anti-global warming groups she goes to, or in her neighborhood or church. It’s only conservatives who are judged guilty of racism before proven innocent.

Democrats believe that good and evil in this country is divided along party lines, with all the caring people in their party, and all the greedy, mean people in the other. They also believe that intelligence is doled out along party lines. Conservatives are morons while liberals are the most brilliant people ever seen.

I hear these comments every time I talk to Democrat friends, relatives and acquaintances. They are core to Democrat identity, keeping people loyal voters even as the economy tanks and poor communities flounder under Democrat policies.

It gets worse. Enclosed in their liberal bubble of superiority, Democrats can’t picture an intelligent person sincerely and rationally disagreeing. So they jump to the conclusion that conservatives don’t believe in their own ideas!

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