“The district was formerly a Republican stronghold but is now up for grabs”

Every time you read that an area (like the northwest suburbs) was “formerly a Republican stronghold but is now up for grabs,” think about the sheer level of incompetence that it takes to see that transformation take place.
Why do we say that? Let’s answer by asking a question: where are the Democrats correct – on which policy proposal are they right? We think they’re wrong on everything – we think in every instance they support what doesn’t work. We believe solutions based on Republican Party platform principles are what the doctor ordered for all these government messes that exist.

So how in the world can Republicans be losing ground? As we’ve written at length on these pages, the time has passed by many of the current players on the field. They still act as if we were operating in simpler times – say back in the 1950s.

Here’s a news flash: this isn’t your daddy’s government. Today’s local, state, and federal government are too large and growing every year. There are countless interest groups lining up to get more of your hard-earned tax dollars. We’ve already got a pro-big government party – it’s called the Democrat Party. The Republican Party exists to limit government. If it’s not going to, then voters get weary of the gap between the rhetoric and reality – and we face elections like Tuesday – where even a Gerrymandered Congressional majority is at risk.

Here’s another news flash: there’s another group of people that can’t keep their private lives private – in fact, they want to share it with children in public schools through things called “gay-straight” alliance “clubs.” As if high school kids needed sex clubs.

They pretend it has something to do with preventing discrimination when in fact it’s at the front lines of a radical social agenda based on the strange premise that the sexual impulses of a tiny percentage of Americans is the equivalent of race or ethnicity and amounts to a “third gender.”

On both of the above issues Judy Baar Topinka is on the wrong side of the debate. She shares the popular confusion over what the “homosexual rights” discussion is really about. And on spending – she hasn’t ruled out an income tax increase and that’s what we’ll get if her massive gambling expansion doesn’t pass the General Assembly.

As we approach the homestretch of this campaign it’s important for Republican voters to remember how we got here. A vote for Topinka is not the way to reverse the trend that has seen Republican principles ignored and “Republican strongholds” become “up for grabs.”

We need a fresh start beginning next Wednesday. That new start cannot and will not happen if Topinka is governor. Vote for “None of the Above.”