The Door Is Now Wide Open: That Slope Sure Is Getting Slippery

CultureWatchTwo more important posts from one of the best writers on the culture, Bill Muehlenberg:

The Door Is Now Wide Open

Thanks to the homosexual militants, the door is now wide open to the promotion and eventual legalisation of just about every sexual perversion imaginable. The homosexual activists are not the only ones to blame here of course, but in their brazen and bizarre attempt to redefine marriage and family out of existence, they have set the wheels in motion for the complete destruction of the bedrock of civilised society.

The truth is, any and every conceivable lifestyle is now being championed. “We want our rights too. We demand marriage equality. We demand equal love.” Every sleazy sexuality group in town has come out of the closet, thanks to the homosexualists, and we really are near the ‘eve of destruction’ as Barry McGuire once sang about.

I have documented this dozens of times already, but let me look at just one group emboldened by the wrecking-ball tactics of the homosexual lobby. The polyamorists are now everywhere pushing their agenda, and it will be just a matter of time before they get full legal standing as well.

And it is not just far-out whacko nut jobs pushing all this. The BBC for example is quite happy to jump on the bandwagon here. Indeed, it just aired on Monday its doco, “Monogamy and the Rules of Love.” As a supplement, they had a large article on all this in their BBC Magazine.

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That Slope Sure Is Getting Slippery

I have come to realise by now that the other side does not care about facts, evidence or data – they are simply interested in pushing their agenda. So I have stopped trying to reason with them. But for the majority in the middle who are not quite where they stand on various contentious social issues, I keep working to convince them that we are in some trouble here.

I refer of course especially to the homosexual juggernaut which continues to roll on, not just crushing everything in its path, but preparing the way for even more ghastly sexual-social experiments. They have opened wide the door, and all sorts of groups are merrily following in their footsteps.

I have documented this countless times already, but new examples arise almost every day. Be it the push for incest rights, or bestiality rights, or polyamory rights, or even paedophilia rights, I have written extensively about all these cases of the slippery slope in action.

My forthcoming book will feature many dozens of examples of each. Here I wish to add three more cases of the push for polygamy/polyamory. The three cases happen to come from North America, although plenty of other places could be mentioned here.

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