The Easy Way To Destroy Freedom and Democracy

From Bill Muehlenberg:

One need not be a hard-core Communist or anarchist to bring about the end to freedom and democracy – simply push for special rights for homosexuals, and all this happens quite readily. We have heaps of proof of this, and each new day we see more examples of how the militant homosexual agenda is spelling the end of faith, freedom and family.

One simply has to look at where special rights for homosexuals – including marriage rights – have been in place to see all the destruction and mayhem already being unleashed. Simply consider the situation in just one country – Canada, where special rights for homosexuals have been given for quite some time now, and homosexual marriage has been legal since 2005.

What is happening there is simply shocking, and we now can see perfectly well just how undemocratic and totalitarian the homosexual agenda really becomes once it is enacted into law. The situation in Canada is very bleak indeed, and getting worse by the day.

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