The End Game Becomes More Clear

Erick Erickson continues to be one of the strongest voices out there communicating clearly what’s really at stake in this marriage debate. The following is from a short post of his yesterday:

Justice Alito directed asked Solicitor General Verrilli if Christian organizations would lose their tax exempt status if they refused to recognize gay marriage. Verrilli replied, “It’s certainly going to be an issue.”

You bet it is. The gay rights movement has spent a decade trying to reinterpret the New Testament and they have failed. The only churches showing consistent growth in America are the ones that still hold to Biblical inerrancy. Consequently, they must now make those churches care. They think the best way to do that is financial.

The gay rights movement will, once Anthony Kennedy hands them marriage, set about systematically destroying anyone and any business who resists. Along the way, they will yank the tax exempt status of religious elementary and secondary schools, universities, churches, and other non-profits that will not change.

Hillary Clinton, last week, said that on abortion the nation has to push churches to abandon their doctrines on life. They will do the same on homosexuality and they will use the force of government to do it.

There can be no tolerance for dissent on this issue. Churches must be made to care. They had better start planning for the day when they no longer have non-profit status. And they better start preparing their congregants on the need to stand firm.

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Here’s the title and subtitle of Red State’s Steve Berman’s post on the same topic — also worth a read:

Alito Asks the Right Questions Which The Left Doesn’t Want Asked
What will redefining marriage lead to? The Left doesn’t want us to know.

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