‘The end of [meaningless] sex:’ A criticism of the hook-up culture

Dennis Byrne

Dennis Byrne

From Dennis Byrne:

In her book, The End of SexDonna Freitas, a Boston University religion professor, takes on the popular notion that casual sex–hookups– is no big deal.

As the subtitle to the book puts it: “How Hookup Culture Is Leaving a Generation Unhappy, Sexually Unfulfilled and Confused About Intimacy.”

For decades now, young women have been taught by popular culture that casual sex is supposed to be liberating. Shows like “Sex and the City” sent the message that promiscuity was at worst no big deal and at best empowering. But stories like those on “Girls,” and those in Donna Freitas’s illuminating new book, “The End of Sex,” suggest that for many young women it proves instead to be dehumanizing. Using extensive survey research and dozens of interviews with young men and women on college campuses across the country, Ms. Freitas explodes the myth of the “harmless hookup.”

Powerful stuff when concepts like virginity and “waiting until marriage” before losing it are, at best, ridiculed and at worst considered to be destructive of character and culture.

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