The Establishment Media Misinterprets the Rise of Newt Gingrich

From Richard Viguerie (emphasis is mine):

Gingrich … is well known to many conservative leaders who recognize that, despite his self-acknowledged errors and flaws, he is the one candidate who has a real record of implementing conservative government.

Balancing the budget, welfare reform and a host of other conservative initiatives that Gingrich championed as Speaker are not mere campaign rhetoric — they actually happened.

What’s more, Gingrich looks to the conservative movement for advice, and does not avoid answering the hard questions (or put his finger to the wind looking for guidance from a focus group). He starts from the premise that a government acting from conservative principles would do, or not do, certain things and make certain value judgments about how to solve problems.


To win in 2012, Republicans must hold together the traditional triad of economic, social and defense conservatives, and the newly energized constitutional conservatives of the Tea Party movement. This four-part coalition will be unbeatable in the Republican primary elections and in the fall general election – if it coalesces behind a candidate. To explain the rise of Newt Gingrich look no further than the fact that slowly, but surely, Newt is convincing voters in each segment of that coalition that he is the one candidate who will govern according to the conservative principles in which they are interested.

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