The Extraordinary Courage of Gov. Phil Bryant

So few Americans understand the facts surrounding this due to the conservatives’ and Christians’ failure in the information war — here’s Jim DeMint:

On Tuesday, Gov. Phil Bryant of Mississippi signed the Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act into law. To protect religious liberty in his state, he stood up against corporate bullies and leftist pressure groups.

The Republican governor should be an inspiration to lawmakers everywhere.

In the last few years, states and localities nationwide have prosecuted small businesses for declining involvement in gay marriage ceremonies. We’ve seen the government do some pretty terrible things, like Washington state trying to bankrupt a 70-year-old florist, or Oregon fining a bakery $135,000 and thenplacing a gag order on the owners to silence them.

We’ve even seen the most intolerant tendencies of the left’s rank and file whena pizza place in Indiana was threatened with violence for even discussing thepossibility of not participating in a gay wedding celebration.

The message has been clear: It’s not enough to respect everyone, to live and let live. You must actively participate in ceremonies that go against your beliefs, or the government will punish you.

To make matters worse, whenever state legislatures have considered religious freedom bills to protect regular Americans from this intolerance, activist groups and massive corporations like Disney, Hilton, and Marriott have shown up and threatened boycotts, protests, and relocations. Recently, lawmakers in West Virginia and Georgia were cowed into shelving or vetoing these commonsense policies.

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Image credit: Wikipedia.