The GOP Reset Button: ‘You’re Fired!’

Here’s Paul Murphy writing at American Thinker:

Progressives aren’t mentally normal, and neither is the GOP political establishment in Washington. Normal babies learn that if something hurts, you stop doing it, but when progressives see their policies fail, they blame the people involved and demand that the same ideas be tried again, and again, and again — in just the same way that the GOP reacts to one Obama double-cross after another by trying appeasement and appeals to reason or fairness on the next issue, and the next, and the next.

Review any Obama policy and you’ll find first that it has been tried at other times or in other countries, and second that the damage it does to the American ideal and the American nation is unambigiously predictable from the historical record – so if rule one says “don’t do stupid stuff”, then what’s wrong with people who keep doing these things? Are they stupid? Insane? Or are their policies intended to achieve the destruction of American freedoms and American democracy?

Consider, for example, some of their domestic achievements: they’ve crippled American health care; corrupted federal agencies, including the IRS, the EPA, and the DOJ into political service; stopped innovation in banking, manufacturing, power generation; and software through tax and regulatory policies whose effect is to help billionaire oligopolists push their smaller, more disruptive, competitors out of business; made Spanish the nation’s second language; inflamed racial tensions; strained every police and social welfare agency to the breaking point; and just about doubled the national debt while raising nearly every tax affecting the middle classes and working poor — with the result that national statistics agencies now straight-facedly report unemployment at the boom times rate of 5.5% while one third of the workforce is either unemployed or significantly underemployed, and a Craigslist ad for a full time toilet cleaner will generally draw 200+ responses on the first day.

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