The GOP’s Budget Problem

AmericanThinker3Greg Richards at American Thinker begins this article at American Thinker by getting to what really is the problem — the GOP’s inability to communicate. See the text I bolded…my friends, they never have made the case in public:

Just how much trouble is the federal budget in? The coverage by the MSM of the fiscal cliff negotiations is not enlightening on this point. For reasons that most of us in the American Thinker community and observers such as Thomas Sowell find inexplicable, the Republicans simply will not make the budget case in public. This is true whether it is Boehner and McConnell in Congress or Romney during the campaign.

Instead we get snippets from our side when they get in front of a microphone of “$1.2 trillion” or “everything is on the table” or “keeping the Bush tax cuts.” For some reason, our side does not understand that it has to build a political predicate in public in order to have a purchase on the president who is moved by nothing but power. He is committed to growing government without limit, as if he is unaware of the lessons of the 20th century about communism and socialism.

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