The GOP’s Trump Derangement Syndrom

Here’s Jeffrey Lord at the American Spectator writing an open letter to the Republican Party:

Dear Republican Party Leaders:

I have noted with interest all of your reactions to Donald Trump’s statement that for a moment, there should be a pause in allowing Muslims to enter the United States.

To say I am disappointed in your responses would be to understate. Let me be candid.

Long before Donald Trump entered the race for president, the leadership of the Republican Party had steered the party of Lincoln and Reagan onto the rocks. There’s no need to rehash the details in the intra-party disputes over de-funding Obamacare, the Obama executive amnesty, the debt ceiling battles, immigration and the rest. You are familiar with them all.

But suffice to say, the heedless, feckless nature of this stewardship has split the Republican Party wide open.

Collectively and all too frequently individually Republican leaders and their media allies have gone out of their way to sneer, snark and insult the base of the party. Hard working, tax paying, not to mention regularly praying Americans of all faiths. Let me provide a few examples.

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