The Great Grad School Debate: Should You Go or Should You Stay?

Online CollegesEarlier this year I linked this article from the National Center for Policy Analysis: “The Job Market: Is College Overrated?” Here are the last two paragraphs in that NCPA post:

Some jobs requiring a bachelor’s or master’s degree are expected to grow. For example, demand will increase for biomedical engineering jobs (a 62 percent increase), software engineers (a 30 percent increase), market research analyst positions (a 41 percent increase) and cost estimators (a 36 percent increase).

[Pamela Villarreal, a senior fellow with the National Center for Policy Analysis] demonstrates that there is a mismatch between job demand through the next decade and the graduates we are producing. It is important that the federal government stop interfering in employment and education markets by curtailing federal student loan programs and equalizing tax credits for all students at all colleges, be they four year or otherwise.

The value of higher education and the burden of excessive student load debt is in the news all the time these days. Here are just two examples of recent articles:

Don’t Buy The Hype, College Education Is Not An Investment

College Has Become A Scam In America

The calls for reform are everywhere — and while much of the higher education industry resists changes, change is happening anyway.

The Hudson Institute’s Initiative on Future Innovation recently published this report: “Beyond Retrofitting: Innovation in Higher Education.”

The questions of whether or where to attend college aren’t new ones, but how to attend college is. How? Yes — thanks to the Internet students can choose to take classes online — both at the undergrad and graduate level. is an organization that describes itself this way:

Our company strives to be your main resource in online education, whether you’re an experienced online learner, a current student, or are considering attending college online.

Their website is full of very helpful information and links. It’s definitely worth visiting if you’re considering college.

The staff writers at recently posted what they’ve called “an interactive and light-hearted adventure book that helps students decide if they should pursue grad school.” Here’s the intro…and follow the link below to take the trip.

Online Colleges2.bmpDebate: Should You Go or Should You Stay?

Should you go to grad school? The decision can be a headache, even after you’ve drawn out a list of pros and cons. Maybe you don’t know if you can afford another semester, let alone pay for multiple years of grad school for a master’s degree or doctorate. Perhaps you’re debating if a higher degree will really equate to more money in your job, or maybe you’re mulling over a new career that’s a complete switch from your undergrad training. There are plenty of factors to weigh when making the choice to return to school. We want you to be as informed as possible — from your potential postgrad salary to your capacity to handle the workload and mental stresses.

We’ve designed this resource in the spirit of the Choose Your Own Adventure books, and you’ll get to make choices with consequences and results. Whether you end up at a dead end or running from hungry alligators is up to you. You’ll always have the option to backtrack; just click the arrows on the top and bottom of the page to navigate through your quest. Feel free to explore alternate routes to help figure out if grad school is the right fit for you. Let the adventure begin!

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