The Hebrew Bible and the West

Here’s an interesting article by Mike Zimmerman at American Thinker about the Hebrew Bible and the West:

When I was an undergraduate student at MIT quite a while ago, I took a four-semester humanities program called Foundations of Western Civilization. It absorbed and fascinated me. However, I noticed that the course material jumped from ancient Greek and a few Roman writers to St. Augustine and other relatively early Christian writers and then on to thinkers of the Middle Ages. I wondered what happened to the wonderful narratives of the books of the Hebrew Bible, what Jews call the Tanach and Christians refer to as the Old Testament.

Being inquisitive, I asked my quite excellent class teacher why we had not covered some biblical counterparts to the Greek stories and narratives. After all, was it not the interaction of those two cultures first, and subsequently Roman, Christian, and European cultures that provided the foundations of Western civilization?