The Homosexual Stalking of Jeanette Runyon (Part 2)

In part one I introduced Jeanette Runyon and began to outline how she has been and continues to be stalked by several seriously troubled individuals via the World Wide Web. We left off quoting author (and “bisexual”) Tammy Bruce, who wrote “The Death of Right and Wrong.” Earlier this year Bruce opined in a Washington Times op ed that there is –

— an effort to condition the public into automatically equating faith with bigotry…lawsuits against small business [are] resting on the notion that acting on genuinely held faith is bigotry per se. Under these rules, freedom of conscience is squashed under the JACKBOOT of liberals, all in the Orwellian name of ‘equality and fairness.’

Bruce also said in the piece that the political left’s use of threats and “personal destruction” is slavery and tyranny:

Horribly, the gay civil rights movement has morphed into a Gay Gestapo. Its ranks will now do the punishing of those who dare to be different or dissent from the approved leftist dogma.

Jeanette Runyon knows well the threats, attempts at personal destruction, and efforts to punish her for her views. Let’s rejoin Runyon’s own description of her run-in with “Rev Sutter”:

After “Rev” Sutter’s defamatory blog was removed, the homosexualist stalkers then resorted to making a phony profile impersonating me on Facebook and stealing photos from my profile to use for Photoshop purposes. When Facebook put a stop to that, the homo-fascist took their harassment to the next level.

A homosexual stalking and defamation page known as has the criminal complaint that the special agent wrote to obtain a search warrant of my home. Nomaniacs claims that this complaint is an indictment and leaves the impression that I was in fact convicted of the crimes mentioned in that compliant. In fact, I never even went to court, all charges were dropped, and I was never charged with human trafficking.

However, despite my objection that this is defamation and there are no links to show neither indictment nor conviction, sees no problem with leaving the unfounded smear posted.

Note I was charged with a misdemeanor because I filled out a passport form incorrectly, which I had done at the advice of my Ukrainian lawyer. My fine was $10.00 I also had a lawsuit against the Ukrainian secret police (SBU) for $250,000 but my lawyers have since disappeared and I fear they are dead.

The well-publicized news story surrounding Florida sex offender Kaitlyn Hunt also impacted Runyon. Hunt, as you may remember, had sex with a fourteen year-old girl and many on the left came to her defense. (You can learn more about that case herehere, and here.

Again, here’s Runyon:

As a result of my research on the Kaitlyn Hunt case, the homo-stalkers once again have me in their sights and have been viciously conducting a smear and intimidation campaign against me. This time they are trying to use my family members as well.

When I began my research into the Hunt lies, I angered an obsessed and unhinged Kaitlyn Hunt supporter named Rachael Carson-Zerbe. She began a nine month long defamation and smear campaign against me. She even claimed she reported me to her local police for stalking her!

Rachael even sent an “anonymous” fax and email to the Lexington Police Department about me. She posted hundreds and hundreds of times that I was a danger to children, a convicted human trafficker, and a violent stalker who threatened her. She claimed she was afraid that I was going to kidnap her daughter and that she warned her daughter’s school about me.

She also lied and said I looked up where she went to school and contacted them. Of course, I didn’t even know she was even in school let alone where. Rachael and her best friend, homosexual activist Thomas Mix, posted smears and lies hundreds of times. Mix also forged posts from “me” that were horribly racist. He also spent an inordinate time on Facebook creating pages devoted to smearing me.

Mix has also posted defamation about me on his Tumblr page claiming I “threaten” Rachael. (It was a phone message left by me asking Rachael Carson-Zerbe to take down her defamation about me.  There was NO threat. If there were you can bet I would have been arrested.) refuses to remove the material, even though it is clear incitement and libelous. In typical stalker fashion Mr. Mix claims he is the victim of my stalking because I have noticed his abusive lies and inciting posts about me and have documented them.

There were several Twitter impersonators who posted my old voter registrations, my nursing license, horrific defamation and finally my home address and a map to my home. It was clear that they were hoping to incite a Corkins-type attack on my person. There was even an anonymous email and fax sent to the Lexington PD about my “stalking” of poor Kaitlyn Hunt and her family.

The disgusting behavior of the so-called “pro-tolerance” crowd never ends and regularly reaches new levels of depravity. Examples are abundant, and many can be found in the archives of As always, for some of the latest samples of the rantings of the “open-minded and love-filled” liberals, be sure to visit the comments section under some of our favorite BarbWire articles.

Click to enlarge these images and tell me that the people doing this aren’t sad, sick, and pathetic…









There’s more to this Runyon story so stay tuned.