The Journalists’ Handbook: How to Write any Story Without Working At It

The facts about the nature and character of the dominant media is clear, and additional evidence never stops pouring in. Why so many Republicans and conservatives await a change of heart on the part of the liberal press is a mystery. We can’t win the information war if we’re going to wait for lefty journalists to drop their leftist narrative and present the facts without bias.

Here is Clarice Feldman writing earlier this month at American Thinker:

At ricochet, Jon Gabriel published a brilliant “Media Narrative Chart for reporting violent crime”.

This handy chart helps journalists frame the narrative of each crime, “not to tell the audience what happened, but to expand the event into an indictment of Western culture.” For example, if the attacker is a non-white shooter and the victim is white the narrative is about gun control. If the attacker is non-white and the victim is also “run story about the Kardashians instead.” Go read it, and tell me Gabriel is wrong. I don’t think he is, and I bet this cheat sheet soon is copied into every journalism student’s notebooks.

Much the same preference for make-believe narrative over fact can be said of the political reporting this year where the increasingly careless New York Times which in Cathy Fasano’s telling confused “37 inches from 37 acres” to deny the existence of King Solomon’s Temple.

Simply put, corporate media simply doesn’t understand the public disdain for the political class and is trying frame the foreign policy ineptness of the administration (and the former secretary of state) and the paltry offerings for the Democratic presidential race into a  fairytale of a Republican civil war in which conservatives are destroying their party.

Obama and Hillary have created world chaos with the ridiculous Arab Spring and Iran deal. The shakeup in the race for the Speaker’s job is not nearly as chaotic and irredeemable as the chaos in the world and the Democratic Party Obama and Hillary have created.

Narrative: Speaker Boehner has announced he’s resigning. His choice for a successor withdrew, the Republicans are in Chaos!!!! and it’s the fault of conservatives who should just go along with Democrats and ignore the promises their leadership made  in the last election.

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Image credit: Cartoon by A.F. Branco.