The Learning Moment Continues for Conservatives Losing (or Oblivious to) the Information War (Part 2)

Here is where we left off yesterday: If you’re going to get upset about where we are at in 2016, doesn’t it make more sense to consider the collective failure of the conservative movement and the tens of thousands of people who have played a part in it for the past couple of decades?

Instead, it’s Donald Trump that has caused great distress on the political right. Why? Because he’s seen as crude, crass, immoral, and intemperate.

Let’s compare Trump’s crudeness, crassness, immorality, and intemperance to the collective failure of conservatives over the course of the past few decades. On second thought, let’s not bother. There is no comparison.

Dear fellow conservatives — if you’re going to be irate about something, please get your priorities in order.

Trump supporters are being called brainwashed. They are seen as “defining deviancy down.” They are accused of failing to hold Trump accountable for his words and actions.

Are they? Or do all of those people rate the collective political failure of Republicans, conservatives, and Christians as far worse? Maybe the accountability is being pointed at the politicians and pundits whose performance in office, and as scribblers, has gotten us to where we are today (which is — in big trouble).

No one is ignoring Trump’s negatives. The great Phyllis Schlafly isn’t. Dr. Ben Carson isn’t. Nor are many other notables who have either endorsed him, advised him, or kept an open mind about him.

Forget this divide between “the establishment” and the “conservatives” inside the GOP. Both have equally lacked vision and suffered an absence of effective leadership. That’s where the greater immorality is to be found. Yes — greater immorality.

Weigh the consequences of Trump’s personal life with that of the performance of the many thousands of conservatives working in and around politics for the past few decades. Are you going to tell me Trump’s life outweighs the failed duty of conservatives to prevent the next generation from inheriting a mess?

The Conservative pundits who continue to write daily about how thoroughly bad The Donald is should have long ago awakened to their own moral failure to effectively fight the information war. The left knows how to reach and win over public opinion. Conservatives aren’t even aware they’re not doing it, and instead continually grant the premise that Americans are somehow hearing the conservative message. No matter how many times I try to tell them otherwise, they prefer to cling to the fantasy.

Many of the conservatives I admire most seem to be experiencing the greatest meltdowns. It has been a sad eight months because the energy put into this hysterical reaction to Trump’s candidacy should have long ago been directed at the failure of conservatives to win hearts and minds.

Let’s review. Which is a greater cause for concern? The failings and foibles of one person, or the collective failure of many thousands of conservatives over the course of decades?

Conservative failures created the country we live in today. Republican Party failures produced the opening for Donald Trump to possibly become president. These are just the facts. The wise conservative pundits can ridicule and psychoanalyze Trump supporters all they want, but I wish they’d find a spot on the psychiatrist’s couch for themselves and all the other participants in this massive political failure.

So who am I going to vote for?

Up until recently I thought Marco Rubio was the best communicator. His recent childish behavior changed my mind. John Kasich has changed since his congressional days, but he can’t win the nomination outright anyway. Neither can Rubio. It’s still the case that I align the most with Ted Cruz ideologically. Despite that, I do not believe he can win a national election. Why? This humorous video shows what too many Americans see when they watch Cruz speak.

Some close friends and family members knew that my plan was to pull the lever for Ben Carson tomorrow. While out of the race, he will still be on the ballot here in Illinois. It’s been my argument that he has been the best behaved of all the candidates.

Last Friday that “best behaved” candidate endorsed what many see as the “worst behaved” candidate.

Also on Friday, Phyllis Schlafly, the conservative that has accomplished more than any other living conservative, endorsed Trump, the candidate many see as the least conservative.

Dr. Ben Carson and Phyllis Schlafly are not immoral fools, and I am happy to follow their lead and vote for Donald Trump for president in the Republican primary.

* * * * *

Post Script: Click here to read Phyllis Schlafly’s press release which announced her formal endorsement — it includes this:

I asked Donald Trump to support the Republican platform because this is the best and most conservative platform we’ve ever had. I gave him one of my copies of the 2012 platform. He endorses it and I believe he will stand by it.

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