The Left in 2018: Unhinged

The Republican National Committee has released a new video that has pleased a lot of conservatives. The RNC is not known for showing a willingness to fight. Is it possible that that President Donald Trump’s leadership is changing some minds over at the typically staid national committee?

There has been talk about an oncoming “second civil war” in America as the political divide grows, the center shrinks, and the number of shared values appears to decrease. While a second civil war is an unpleasant thought, a worse thought is for conservatives to surrender. The people featured in the video have no desire to defend the U.S. Constitution or live by Judeo-Christian principles, both of which are not optional if the country is to survive and prosper.

Conservatives and Republicans are pushing back at those who would like to see a continuation of the fundamental transformation of the country in a negative direction. Leftists are not happy about it. In fact, they are more than unhappy — they’re unhinged.