The Left’s Circus Tent Science

Here is Peter Heck from this past Sunday:

The voice leaving a message in my radio show inbox was dripping with equal parts contempt and revelry. “Finally,” he thundered, “gay marriage is the law of the land and science has triumphed over your backwards religious book of fairytales.”

I wonder if that’s the same science that produced the most recent report from the Centers for Disease Control showing 94.9% of new HIV diagnoses in teenagers resulted from men having sex with men? Science indeed.

Not that the caller’s meme was something new. Having abandoned belief in any Moral Authority to the universe, liberal revolutionaries have been claiming the mantle of science as justification for their agenda for far longer than I can remember. And their hijacking of the word has resulted in great success for them politically and culturally. My only question remains, how long will our society be stupid enough to keep buying it?

That’s an easy one — our society will continue to be stupid until conservatives get serious about fighting the information war.

Again, here’s Peter Heck:

But yet these same folks who claim that sexual attraction is unalterable are also the ones who insist that men like Bruce Jenner, undeniably born with genetic maleness (DNA, chromosomes, bone structure, and functioning reproductive organs of a male) can somehow “become” a woman. Yes, the “party of science” would have you believe that your attractions are unchangeably genetic in nature, but your genetic biology is a matter of personal opinion.

Salvo Magazine made that very point back in the spring of 2007. 2007! Too bad so few people have heard it over the past eight (!) years:

The going wisdom of the cultural elite, particularly those cut off from the real world within the ivory tower of academia, is that one’s gender is an ever-changing, internal sense of being male, female, or a combination of these. Indeed, they would say that, plumbing aside, there is no difference between men and women at all, only stereotyped roles into which we are socialized by the culture at large.

Conversely, these same people contend that sexual orientation-whether straight, gay, lesbian, or bisexual-is an absolutely unyielding human characteristic. We are born with an attraction to the opposite sex, our own sex, or both, and no medicine, therapy, or spiritual epiphany will ever change this predisposition.

Now what happens when a heterosexual man starts to feel like a woman? Does his continued attraction to women mark him as a lesbian? And let’s suppose that a homosexual man is attracted to a man who believes himself-and who dresses like-a woman; shouldn’t the former just declare himself a heterosexual and be done with it?

Such permutations are all possibilities in the Bizarro world of the intelligentsia. For only in a sequestered imagination could something as patently innate as gender be considered a malleable product of personal feelings, while sexual preference is considered an unalterable fact of life.

One more paragraph from Peter Heck’s post:

Call me crazy, but I think when your agenda convinces you that a white woman like Rachel Dolezal can be black, a Caucasian like Elizabeth Warren can be a Cherokee Indian, a man like Bruce Jenner can be a woman, and an attention-obsessed girl like Miley Cyrus can be something called “gender fluid,” it’s pretty clear your ideology finds its origin in a circus tent rather than a laboratory.

Read Peter Heck’s entire article here.

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