The Left’s Dishonest Freakout over Mississippi’s Religious-Freedom Bill

How many Americans are being reached with the facts regarding the Mississippi Religious Freedom law? Due to the failure in the information war by conservatives and Christians, way too few. Here is Jane Clark Scharl writing at National Review:

Here we go again.

Mississippi passed a law on Tuesday protecting business owners’ right to freedom from religious discrimination and compelled speech, little things prohibited by the Constitution.

But to read the news, you wouldn’t know it.

A quick skim of the headlines shows a theme: “Mississippi Gov. Signs Law Allowing Service Denial to Gays.” “Mississippi Governor Signs LGBTQ Segregation Bill Into Law.” “Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant Signs Anti-LBGT Bill Into Law.”

You’d think, from a quick read, that Mississippi had passed a virulent anti-LGBT law. You definitely wouldn’t know that there’s overwhelming popular support for the bill from both Democrats and Republicans in the state of Mississippi. You might not be sure if we’d been flung back to the era of Jim Crow laws, to the Middle Ages, or a cave-dwelling existence sometime before then, but there’d be no doubt in your mind that things are really, really bad.

So what about it: Does the Mississippi law allow people to discriminate, to refuse service to someone based purely on their sexual orientation? Does it hurl us back thousands of years into the past? No, it doesn’t.

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