The Left’s Endless Commercial Has Weaponized Popular Culture

By David Lanza:

American consumers understand that most forms of popular culture have become nothing more than commercials for the Democrat party. Movies, television, and music focus less on entertainment than on influencing the next election. They have gone beyond mere leftist bias. Artists, writers, and musicians subordinate their craft in order to present one endless Democrat commercial.

This trend is equally egregious in the case of books. In modern bookstores, the Democrat commercial spreads far beyond the “politics” shelf. “The gardening books advocate hiring illegal aliens. The sports books reminisce about Vietnam.”

A telling example of this trend appears in a 2018 book about the design of General Motors automobiles from the 1920s through the 1950s. Fins, by William Knoedelseder, appears to be credible, informative, and interesting until it reaches Chapter 9. In Chapter 9, the author apparently loses interest in classic cars and decides, instead, to tell the reader that President Trump is just like Hitler. He does not actually mention Trump. He does not discuss Trump’s policies. He does not present actual evidence.  The author simply discusses the pre-war automobile industry in Germany in terms of Hitler’s plan to “make Germany great again.” He even titles the chapter “Helping Make Germany Great Again.” A seemingly interesting historic work was thus converted into yet another Democrat campaign commercial.

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