The Left’s False Vision of Economics and Morality

If only more Americans understood this “false vision” — here is E. Jeffrey Ludwig:

Commentaries by the left repeatedly emphasize the words “fairness,” “morality,” “equality,” “community,” and “the poor.” According to the left, morality and fairness are economic concepts, not biblically based, divinely approved commands. Morality and fairness are undermined by “disparity.” The rich, and possibly those awful, fanatical, and outrageously hypocritical conservative Christians, are disrupting “community” (sometimes referred to as the “global village”). Without the distractions of Christians and conservatives, there would be much more social coherence, fairness, community, and even better weather!

But there’s even more: get rid of income inequality, put more constraints on the rich, stop America’s love of autos and such wasteful stuff as wanting to be warm in the winter (remote control over home thermostats is on the horizon), and we would have a more healthy, unified, and good society and world.

Wait. There’s more: subjugate the conservatives and religionists, the pro-lifers and the heterosexual lobby, and then you’ll have a “free society” without ignorant hypocrites. We are oppressed and beleaguered by that crowd of country bumpkins who go to NASCAR races and cling to their religion and their guns (oh, my — the Second Amendment has to go, too!).

Let us squash once and for all those dead and superficial thoughts from the white, elitist, Protestant, racist, homophobic, nativist, sexist, self-centered, hypocritical American past.  (What a horrible place this country has always been!) Let’s get over the 18th- and 19th- century ideals and move on to the future with a “new” corporate-government alliance, where the government part of the alliance assures and controls that the common good is adhered to.

Wall Street can be and will be replaced with a more knowing and enlightened elite. The government will restore balance and a vision of the greatest good for the greatest number.  Utilitarianism tweaked with a Marxist sense of the radical disconnect between the exploiters and the exploited will replace laissez-faire ideas. We will move from the present mixed economy to a new stage of a controlled mixed economy, with more control and less “mix.”

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