The Manipulative Nature of Trump’s Critics

By Christopher Roach:

Russia is an area of focus for the intelligence community. Perhaps this focus is why the same intelligence community seems so distracted and ineffectual. It could not thwart the 9/11 attacks, incorrectly told us that Iraq’s possession of weapons of mass destruction was a “slam dunk,” did little to stop the mass theft of sophisticated technology by China, and shrugged its shoulders at Hillary Clinton’s security breaches. Like a Boomer Deadhead, it is nostalgic for the music of its youth.

The antipathy to Russia unites both the far Left (which loathes Russia’s authoritarianism and Christian nationalism) and the neoconservative right (which is looking for meaning through foreign conflict, and is also deeply attached to the United States using its power to control the international order for vaguely liberal goals). Trump is in neither of those camps.

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