The Meaning of Rage Over a Campaign Ad

Here is Laurie Higgins writing at Illinois Family Action about the meaning of rage:

It’s frustrating to see conservatives being played again, this time about Jeanne Ives’ campaign ad.

The ultimate cause of the machinations that result in conservative fear and trembling is the always scheming and bustling Beelzebub. The proximate cause are Leftists who are spinning the ad every which way but due North.

The points being made in the ad are easy-peasy to understand, and the ad is neither mean nor disrespectful. Enraged Leftists who can’t believe a conservative would dare make those points with the boldness they believe is theirs and theirs alone are spinning the ad like there’s no tomorrow. Dizzied conservatives can’t think straight when that happens.

In high dudgeon, Leftists shriek “hateful bigot,” and conservatives squirm, tremble, and then begin to see the ad the way Beelzebub and his army of Wormwoods want them to see it: either as a cruel and counterproductive burlesque of poor, pitiful “transgenders” or at minimum as an ad rendered ineffective and distracting because it “has to be explained.”

If conservatives would clean out the gunk Leftists have hurled in their eyes and ears for almost 50 years, they would realize the ad doesn’t need to be explained. The message is as obvious as a scarlet dress on a big, burly, pearl-clutching man in a ladies’ restroom.

Thirty years ago, two other Wormwoods created the blueprint for destroying opposition to Leftist lies on sexuality in the book After the Ball which urges sexual anarchists to use advertising techniques and psychological processes to make conservatives feel ashamed of their beliefs. And we fall for their tricks every time.

Obsequious conservatives enter the public square like servants entering the great dining hall of their masters, carrying their power to Leftists on a silver platter and relinquishing truth as their fealty. The pathetic thing is conservatives are actually free.

Instead of acting like free women and men, we wake up, grab the bondage ropes we freely purchased at Target, and bind ourselves. Instead of saying boldly something as commonsense and obvious as cross-dressing adult men don’t belong in women’s private spaces or citizens shouldn’t be forced to subsidize human slaughter, I see too many conservatives tremble or, worse, rage at other conservatives that “the ad is bad.”

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