The Media Must Face Consequences for the Russia Hoax

The media must face consequences — here is Andrew Syrios:

So, the Mueller report finally dropped and lo-and-behold, the most obvious hoax in recent history turned out to be a hoax. For all of Trump’s faults, collusion and obstruction aren’t among them.

The various excuses by those who perpetuated this fraud have been fascinating to behold. Many of the poor souls who fell for this farce hold out hope. Others who perpetuated continue to double down. Mother Jones, for example, says that despite Mueller’s findings, “ Trump and his gang betrayed the United States in the greatest scandal in American history.” Many others are demanding we #ReleaseTheFullMuellerReport because obviously this is only the “Barr Report.” #NeverTrump neocon Jennifer Rubin, for example, has a pinned tweet stating “It would behoove the media to point out it is FALSE that Mueller exonerated Trump of obstruction. The report explicitly said that, as Barr quoted. BARR exonerated Trump which is ridiculous.”

Ridiculous, I tell you!

Others have shifted their attention to the Southern District of New York as if this whole charade didn’t even happen. Others are downplaying the results as if the Democrats, neocons and former intelligence officials weren’t yelling “treason, treason, treason” for years now. I’ll remind you that Time magazine had a frontpage cover of the Kremlin merging with the White House!

Former CIA director John Brennan (who engaged in illegal torture, illegally spied on the Senate when they were investigating that and then perjured himself about it), blithely opined that “I suspected there was more than there actually was.” No big deal, right John?

This is the same guy who called Trump a “traitor” and confidently predicted there would be more indictments.

Other reactions have been even more humorous, such as Rachel Maddow holding back tears as she briefed her audience on the report. Her fragile emotional state makes sense. After all, Maddow has dedicated virtually every show to the Russia hoax for the last two years. She even asked, with a straight face, what you would do if Russia hacked our power grid in the middle of a cold front because “Russia can just shut off the electricity. They have that ability now.”

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