The Media’s Myth About Replacing Obamacare

With all due respect to the Heartland Institute’s Benjamin Domenech, the media wouldn’t be able to get away with their lies if Republicans and conservatives were aggressive in pushing their proposed reforms. Like on most issues, the GOP is clueless when it comes to mass communication. Here’s an excerpt from Domenech’s otherwise excellent post:

Of all the absurd memes repeated by the policy-bereft media these days, the idea that Republicans have no plan to replace Obamacare is one of the most irritatingly false. […]

Regardless of what the Romney campaign proposes to do on health care, Congressional Republicans know what they want to do. Here are eight things they agree about:

1. They want to end the tax bias in favor of employer-sponsored health insurance to create full portability (either through a tax credit, deductibility, or another method);

2. They want to reform medical malpractice laws (likely through carrot incentives to the states);

3. They want to allow for insurance purchases across state lines;

4. They want to support state-level pre-existing condition pools;

5. They want to fully block grant Medicaid;

6. They want to shift Medicare to premium support;

7. They want to speed up the FDA device and drug approval process; and

8. They want to maximize the health savings account model, one of the few avenues proven to lower health care spending, making these consumer-driven high deductible + HSA plans more attractive where Obamacare hamstrung them.

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