The Most Important Piece Of Advice For Republicans Running for President

Here’s John Hawkins writing at Townhall — he’s right about this (see text bolded by me especially) — and what he describes substitutes for Republicans actually fighting in the information war (getting more information to the uninformed and misinformed):

Here are the current rules of the political game in America.

When Democrats are in office, they move the country to the Left as quickly as possible. When Republicans are in office, the country still moves to the Left, albeit more slowly; so the GOP can claim it’s “gotten something done.”

Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been caught in enough scandals, committed enough gaffes and made enough mistakes to destroy any Republican ten times over; yet they’ve gotten a pass. Meanwhile, Republicans live in holy terror of having their political careers destroyed by having a quote in a speech taken out of context.

The Republican Party has become entirely ineffective at communicating conservative principles to the American people and for the most part, has given up on even trying. The only thing that grassroots conservatives have to show for two landslide victories in 2010 and 2014 that have put the GOP in control of the House and Senate are meaningless show votes designed to distract us from how badly the GOP is getting its clocks cleaned on almost everything that matters.

At this point, the single most important quality for GOP candidates isn’t how many conservative boxes they can check (although that’s always a big plus); it’s how certain we can be that a candidate will shake things up if he’s elected.

That brings me to my one piece of advice for everybody in the GOP field.

The most important thing you can do is prove to conservatives that it won’t be business as usual if you’re elected. Unless you can convince us that you’re offering something other than the status quo we’ve been getting not just from Obama, but from the Republican leadership in Congress, then you don’t deserve to be our nominee.

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