The New Untouchables

CultureWatchFrom Bill Muehlenberg:

In an age of oppressive political correctness and a militant social engineering crusade, it seems homosexuals can do no wrong. They have become the new untouchables who are forever above fault, and must be treated as sacrosanct. And if any charge is levelled against them, it of course must be untrue, and simply the fruit of homophobia.

Such is the stranglehold the pink mafia and its supporters in the media and elsewhere have, that no one dares to say anything critical about this movement – even if it happens to be true. Any claim brought against them will be considered to be “hate speech” and harshly dealt with.

The bullying and intimidation from the homosexual militants has been so intense that most people are terrified to say anything remotely negative about them. And if real wrongs are being committed by them, the powers that be will likely not believe such charges.

We have a perfect illustration of all this coming out of the UK just recently. A boy was being abused by his homosexual “parents” but no one believed him, simply because they were homosexual. The whole ugly story is worth recording, so I offer it here…

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