The Origins of the ‘Homosexual Rights’ Movement is Not What You Have Been Told

Editor’s note: This was sent to me by a friend and slightly edited. Simple Google searches will lead you to a lot more on the topic — a good place to start is at the Americans for Truth About Homosexuality website. Another overlapping label for this is called Cultural Marxism.

By Anonymous:

The gay movement was created by communists. It is not a genuine homosexual movement, it is a popular front for communism.

The gay movement does not aim to liberate gays. The only liberation for gays is through reparative therapy or faith in Jesus Christ. The gay movement prohibits gays from choosing not to be homosexual. The gay movement promotes homosexuality, not freedoms for homosexuals. The gay movement advocates no freedoms for gays which they don’t already have.

The gay movement encourages indulgence of the homosexual compulsion, but only as a means to an end. In countries ruled by communist regimes, homosexuals are imprisoned or executed.

The real objectives of the gay movement are to restrict individual freedoms (under the guise of legislating “human rights” for gays), to undermine the morale and physical and mental health of society by promoting and encouraging homosexuality (especially among adolescents) and to destroy marriage and the family (through state recognition of “gay marriage”).

It has always been a goal of the communists to abolish the monogamous family as a unit of society.

It will be plain that the first condition for the liberation of the wife is to bring the whole sex into public industry and that this in turn demands the abolition of the monogamous family as the economic unit of society. Monogamous marriage comes onto the scene as the subjugation of the one sex by the other… The emancipation of woman will be possible only when… domestic work no longer claims anything but an insignificant portion of her time. — Friedrich Engels, The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, 1884

The family is a rival object of allegiance and source of individual support to that of the state. The communists have always wanted children to be fully raised and educated by the state. Without the family, individuals are isolated, members of a herd, fully dependent on the state.

The “popular front” tactic was invented by communist Willi Muzenberg in the 1920s.

In order to broaden the Comintern’s influence, Münzenberg created numerous front organizations he termed ‘Innocents’ Clubs.’ These front groups, such the Friends of Soviet Russia, the World League Against Imperialism, and the International Worker’s Relief Fund, were superficially devoted to an undeniably benign cause such as famine relief, anti-imperialism, or peace, though in fact Münzenberg created them to enlist the support of liberals and moderate socialists in defending the Bolshevik revolution. As he told a fellow Comintern member, ‘These people have the belief they are actually doing this themselves. This belief must be preserved at any price.’ünzenberg

The Peace movement has nothing to do with peace. It is a front to neutralize opposition to communist military aggression. The black civil rights movement has nothing to do with rights for blacks. It is a front which aims to restrict the freedoms of whites and blacks. The feminist movement has nothing to do with liberating women. It is a front for restricting the freedoms of men and women and abolishing the family. The gay movement has nothing to do with liberating gays.