The Postmodern Roots of Leftist Policy

Here is the conclusion to the above-titled article by James Arlandson at American Thinker — the entire post is a must-read as it contains important history:

[P]ostmodernism – or hyper-skepticism – also describes the roots of left-wing public policy. Epistemology – or its lack – also clarifies the battle.

So how do we win it?

Practical solutions

Here are some suggestions.

Expose who many liberals really are. They’re amoral, anything-goes postmodernists. Use it as a pejorative.

Conservatives who have access to the media must educate themselves on this philosophical battle. They must reject ancient hyper-skepticism that has recently morphed into postmodernism.

Our education system needs to explain postmodernism, so students can figure out that they are being swept along by hyper-skepticism. Then they can decide which policies are better.

The main thing is that that there really are essences. Marriage has an essence, and there are essential differences between maleness and femaleness. Humanity itself has an essence that places it above other mammals.

Our policies must be rooted in the real world, not a utopian vision of how we wish it to be. Knowing the historical facts of human conduct that reveals bad human nature will keep us safe and sane.

Don’t deny the obvious that you can see with your own eyes. Our five senses are an accurate source of common sense. And common sense has enabled Americans to thrive since our founding – and indeed, most Homo sapiens since they have been walking the earth. Hyper-skepticism is a minority viewpoint.

The original intent and historical context of the Constitution should not be shoved aside in favor of social engineering. Winning elections and nominating the right judges can put a stop to it.

Be confident in this: the real world – which really does exist and can be objectively known without our mental games and interpretations – must come before ideology.

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