The president prefers Pocahontas

By Fritz Pettyjohn:

In seeking to undermine Joe Biden by exposing his Ukrainian corruption, President Trump has revealed his preferred opponent in 2020. It’s Elizabeth Warren, for a host of reasons.

Two weeks ago, she promised to ban fracking “everywhere” on her first day in office. This will cost her, at a minimum, the battleground states of Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and Colorado. Over 100,000 Pennsylvanians have good paying jobs in the fracking industry, and in 2015, it contributed over $44 billion to the state’s economy.

New Mexico is one of the leading producers of oil and gas in the country. Only because of fracking. Without it, there wouldn’t be any significant oil and gas production.

Colorado contains a large portion of the Permian shale deposit, and fracking is an important and growing part of the economy. And it’s popular. In November of 2018, 56% of Colorado voters rejected a ban on fracking.

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