The Problem of Happy Talk and Republican Conservative Industrial Complex Self-Deception

Just one post for this Christmas week—both a quick review and restatement of what we face in the upcoming year of 2022. Some might misread this series of articles and think me a pessimist. I am not—but when it comes to how the money is being spent by the Republican Conservative Industrial Complex (RCIC) some harsh reality should be faced.

Back on December 13, the great Conrad Black posted an article at American Greatness titled “Our Vulnerable American Democracy.” In it, like the great Victor Davis Hanson so often does, Black summarized aspects of the terrible political reality we are currently dealing with, including this:

The executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government, the military leadership, as well as the media, the academy, Hollywood, professional sports and entertainment, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and the corporate leadership are all disparaged, mistrusted, or despised by the majority of Americans—and unfortunately, they have earned that status.

He then reviewed the 28 year history beginning with the presidencies of George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and ending with Barack Obama. “[I]t was not a time of good government,” Black wrote:

Endless, fruitless Middle Eastern wars; the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression; the ill-considered appeasement of China and Iran as China ransacked the United States with industrial espionage and the dumping of cheap goods; and three consecutive presidents who were swindled by North Korea were the results of this period—but only Donald Trump seemed to recognize this. The national political media was as complacent as the OBushinton political class.

Wait, what? Twenty-eight years of bad government? (Few MAGA supporters would argue with that, me included.) How did we string together 28 years of bad government when we have had so many highly paid RCIC people and well-financed RCIC organizations during all those decades? Here’s another question, how did we enjoy an amazingly productive 4 years with President Donald Trump, and then “lose” the U.S. House in 2018, then “lose” the U.S. Senate and the presidential election in 2020.

That is what this series is all about. The consequences of the RCIC’s lying to Republican and conservative donors for decades has been staggering. Start with the hundreds of billions of dollars of equipment and a (very expensive to build) strategically important airport forfeited in Afghanistan and continue on through the trillions the Democrat/RINO-led federal government spending trillions (much of it filling the pockets of activists ready to “win” the 2022 and 2024 elections like they “won” the last two). And we should not leave out the COVID hysteria and the purposeful failure to follow the Constitution or the science by, let’s be clear, evil or severally deranged (or both) people in political power.

How are the profiteers and players in the RCIC lying to donors? The suggestion is that the dollars donated to them will result in policy changes in the federal and state governments. But since little of the money is actually spent on activities that win elections, we are now ending a year that has seen an incredible amount of unnecessary suffering caused by bad policies.

Will the donors wake up and start funding real election work? They might not if they listen to all the happy talk and self-deception that continues inside and outside the RCIC.

Happy talk is taking place because people are seeing a surge in political activism at the ground-level. That surge is good—but it is a fraction of what will be needed to win the next two election cycles and save the country. There is also the always-ongoing flurry of important activity from veteran and rookie activists—such as the new popular work of attempting to clean-up voter rolls. But again, we have never been close to reaching the amount of ground-level action that is needed.

Self-deception is also talking place because so many inside the RCIC have convinced themselves that their blockbuster breaking investigative news stories and massive wondrous amazing conferences and “coalitions” will translate into secure elections. Those blockbuster articles and amazing conferences and “coalitions” have never won elections and never will.

As this series continues to lay out, mass mobilization is a must if we are to accomplish the work that the political left gets done every year while the Republican Conservative Industrial Complex lies to generous donors. Those donors do a Chris Matthews imitation (see short video clip here) by writing checks to celebrities or high profile personalities that they like, rather than someone with a clue about what has been missing on our side for many years.

Conrad Black concludes his article saying that “Political conditions are more dangerous than at any time since the bottom of the Great Depression 90 years ago, and there is no FDR at hand.” But like so many of the great thinkers on our side, he leaves out any reference to specific political solutions.

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Image credit: American Greatness.