The Problem with Liberal Activism Culture

Here is another take on what needs to be done from Christopher Chantrill:

Here’s Maggie Gallagher worrying about social conservatives losing the culture war because we don’t do activism. What do we do when more than 100 corporations are attacking North Carolina over a bill protecting women from having to share bathrooms with transgender biological males[?]

Here’s James Delingpole worrying that we climate skeptics have nothing with which to counter the climate activists’ claim of saving the planet.

[T]he left has got its hands on the magic formula that enables it to do at both federal and local level all the things that lefties love to do… The formula is: “We’re saving the planet.”

What Gallagher and Delingpole want is for conservatives to develop our own activism culture so that we can throw the left’s taunts right back in their faces.

But conservatives will never learn to out-advocate the liberal activists. We must act instead to delegitimize the very liberal activism culture itself.

The central sacred ritual of the activism culture, the demonstration or the “peaceful protest,” is appropriate for a group that has been excluded from the councils of political power. That is the way it used to work, with mobs and bread riots, when the lower class was excluded from political citizenship.

But that is not the way demonstrations and protests work today. As practiced today, the activism culture is no longer the authentic voice of the excluded and the oppressed. Instead it is a cunning trick of the ruling class to subdue and exclude its opponents, to bully them into acquiescing in more government and prevent them from having a voice in the councils of state. As such, the activism culture should be struck down and its practitioners sentenced to advocate for global health in Outer Slobbovia.

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