The Problem With Liberalism Is That Eventually You Run Out Of Other People’s Money!

familysecuritymatterssmallFrom Family Security Matters:

People under the age of 40 in America probably know very little about Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of England.

You should. She said a lot of things like the title of this posting that made sense, especially when it came to government debt, over-spending and high taxes. All of which those of you under the age of 40 are going to have to deal with for the rest of your lives.

Unless you collectively do something about it. Such as vote against candidates and incumbents who want more of all three and start voting for people who are against all three.

It is up to you. Not your parents, your grandparents or anyone who might not be around 40 years from now. Certainly it is not up to President Barack Obama who doesn’t even feign concern about anything that will seriously address our burgeoning deficits or debt.

Just today on the Sunday morning talk shows, Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi once again said: ‘It is a false argument to say we have a spending problem’.

What planet are such people coming from anyway?

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