The Psychobabble Bubble

American Thinker pngAn excerpt from a great post by G. Murphy Donovan at American Thinker:

The Left Coast inversion of values signifies a culture where concern for professional criminals trumps the interests of victims and citizens, the folks who literally pay for judicial malpractice. Still, the decay of common sense cannot be attributed only to imprudent social and judicial activism. Science is part of the slide too.

Values depreciation is now a generational and cultural phenomenon. Who worries about fairness or justice for victims and law-abiding citizens? Who worries about a diminished productive class that pays the bills for bleeding hearts? And who worries about all those good intentions that bleed innocents?

Judgment and common sense are America’s most serious scientific deficits according to Theodore Dalrymple (Doctor A. M. Daniels) on the pages of the autumn edition of the City Journal. Dalrymple is a rare modern polymath, a scientist by trade and an artist by inclination. Indeed, Dalrymple might be the most prescient writer about culture and society since Charles Dickens or John Steinbeck.

Physician and criminal psychiatrist, Dalyrymple uses the recently revised Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (aka DSM-5) to excoriate the practitioners and profession of psychology/psychiatry. After reading Dalrymple’s critique, it’s hard to put psychology, psychiatry, and science in the same sentence. Indeed, were it not for the common bond of drugs and chemistry, it might be difficult to think of many psychiatrists as physicians — or scientists of any description. “Do no harm” indeed!

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