The Radical Agenda for America

From Herbert London:

Over the last thirty years (nothing precise about this time frame) radicals in the United States have worked tirelessly and relentlessly to change this society in a manner consistent with their own agenda. The method for doing so is not secret. In fact, it is transparently clear.

The first goal is to create an Electoral map that will guarantee the election of left-wing presidents. To accomplish this goal one state in particular has to change from red to blue: Texas. On its face, this project seems impossible. Texas, as Governor Perry has noted, is crimson red and “will stay that way.” But suppose the electorate expands by registering new voters, particularly illegals who could be granted amnesty through recent immigration proposals and unregistered voters.

As Senator Ted Cruz has noted, “If that happens, no republican will ever again win the White House.” Conservative spokeswoman, Anita MonCrief, contends, “If they go for amnesty, we will find ourselves doing a post mortem over the GOP’s suicide.” Should Texas become a reliable blue state, its 38 electoral votes will virtually guarantee a Democratic president into the distant future.

The second goal is to develop dependency on government assistance for a majority of Americans. With close to 50 million people on food stamps, 45 million on Medicaid, 35 million in Section 8 housing and 52 million receiving welfare assistance, an America that was once based on self reliance and personal liberty is disappearing in plain sight. This dependency comes with the potential for enslavement since one will need Big Brother for the very essentials of life.

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