The Radicalization of the Church

AmericanThinker3An important article by Fay Voshell at American Thinker:

For decades, radical left theology has been making gradual inroads into the nation’s churches. Inserting the God factor has granted a divine imprimatur to leftist tenets, something secularist political organizations can’t match. Congregants who attend Main Line liberal houses of worship (Methodists, Presbyterians, Congregationalists, Episcopalians) have been led to assume God has given the nod to policies endorsing political correctness, radical feminism, abortion, same-sex marriage, redistribution of wealth, multiculturalism and other leftist causes.

Devoted churchgoers may have noted the politically-correct linguistic gymnastics which have been and still are bending scripture, liturgy, and hymnody to the left. The bible has been scrutinized for patriarchal heresies and changed to accommodate radical feminism. God is to be referred to only in gender neutral terms, never as “He.”

As the LA Times noted, the Episcopal hymnal of 1982 eliminated male imagery of God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, replacing it with gender-free terms such as Creator and Redeemer. “Militaristic” hymns such as “Onward Christian Soldiers” were to be eliminated. The hymn “Rise Up, O Men of God” was retained, but was changed to read “Rise Up, Ye Saints of God.” Matters are even more advanced across the pond in England, where a hypersensitive vicar piously eliminated the singing of “O Little Town of Bethlehem” because he believed “the words did not reflect the plight of current occupants of Jesus’ birthplace.” The revisionism aimed at accommodating the sensitivities of perpetually aggrieved groups apparently will continue until the Judgment Day no one believes in any longer.

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