The Real Coup

This is an excellent article by Tom Trinko about what the real coup is:

Everyone who isn’t a Democrat is talking about the coup attempts against Trump; first the fake Russian collusion story and now the fake “whistleblower” story. But the real coup is proceeding apace and has already stolen the freedom guaranteed by the Constitution to we the people.

Starting in the 1930s, politicians began stealthily transferring power from themselves, the elected representatives of we the people, to unelected bureaucrats and judges.

We the people can’t get rid of bureaucrats or judges via elections, so they can operate without our consent with impunity. To get rid of them requires a significant majority of honest politicians in Congress, which hasn’t been manifest for quite some time.

The politicians say the depredations of the administrators and the dishonest judges are not their, the politicians’, fault, so they mislead voters into re-electing the very politicians who refuse to punish administrators and judges who violate their oath of office.

Much has been written about the rise of the administrative state, but the simple reality is that most of the rules and edicts from Washington that we the people have to follow aren’t voted on or approved by the people we elect. Rather, they’re ushered in by nameless and faceless government employees.

Year after year, politicians have passed laws that gave administrators essentially carte blanche to rule over we the people as they will.  For example, the infamous HHS mandate that Obama’s administrative state used force Catholic nuns to cooperate in providing abortions was never voted on by Congress.  Rather, Congress gave the administrative state the power to work out all the details.

The bureaucrats who wield this power over we the people are paid more than the average American, and they have nearly 100% job security.  Look at Lois Lerner.  She admitted that people under her authority used the IRS to attack Obama’s political opponents.  Yet when she finally resigned, she got a great pension and a bonus!

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