The Reasons People Support Trump

Rush Limbaugh — one of the very few people at a high level who gets the information war — has been at the top of his game the past few months — here is just one example — an extended excerpt from today’s show — follow the link below and read the entire post:

The two reasons, primary two reasons I have detected people I know who are supporting Trump. And, again, there’s a conventional wisdom out there. And it comes from many in conservative media. It comes from establishment types, that the Trump voter is an idiot, white, middle class, lower middle class, almost in poverty, fed up, has made rotten life choices and wants to blame everybody else and is running around enraged, filled with rage, and just wants people to know how mad they are, and that’s what Trump is.

And, I’m sorry, that’s your average Democrat voter. Your average Democrat voter is exactly described that way: somebody filled with rage, somebody that wants to get even with somebody. They’re fed up with not having their lives have any meaning, not mattering, and they’re fit to be tied about it. And they believe the Democrat Party is gonna punish people for ’em by raising their taxes or whatever else. And they’re made happy by other people suffering. That is not your Trump voter. There may be some people like that, but that’s not who they are, the vast majority of them.

I’ll just tell you, the ones I know who are for Trump, some of them are reluctantly for Trump. Some of them are adamantly for Trump. But the two reasons are — and one of them is gonna shock you. The first reason — and not in any priority here — but they just have had it with the Republican Party, call it the establishment or whatever. They just lost total confidence. The last seven years there has been no opposition to the things the Democrat Party has done that have wrought, tremendous, real, measurable, demonstrable damage and change, for the worse, to this country.

The cultural depravity that’s going on and being normalized is one thing. The economic destruction. There’s no economic growth. There can’t be. The government is taking all of the growth and absorbing it. It’s getting bigger. The private sector cannot create enough growth to keep up because it’s getting smaller and smaller, and 94 million Americans in it are not even working. So there is no GDP gain of any substance, and that is maddening. It is frustratrating. These people all have kids and grandkids. And government is not where fortunes are made. Well, see, if you’re Solyndra, if you’re GE, if you’re a corporation engaging in corporate cronyism with government, you can make a fortune, and even some individuals can do it.

But for the most part the way it’s always been done is the tried-and-true way defined as the American dream. That’s getting more and more limited as time goes on because the economy is shrinking because the government’s taking. This worries people tremendously. And it’s not, by the way, folks, it’s not that they think Trump — I want to be very clear about this — it’s not that they think Trump is eminently qualified.

They just have had it with these so-called experts trying to run everything and screwing everything up, from the economic system to the health care system to targeting private sector industries as the enemies of America, they’ve had it, they’re fed up with it. Not to mention immigration and what’s happening to the demographic makeup of the country. It’d be one thing if this were happening with controlled assimilation and the definitive American culture that there’s always been was being maintained and sponsored and grown. But it’s not. It’s being eroded, on purpose and by design. And the Republican Party’s not lifting a finger to stop it and, in fact, in many ways wants to join in it when it comes to immigration.

So they’re fed up. They’ve been told one too many times to hold their nose and vote for the lesser of two evils. And that leads into the second reason, and the second reason is — and I think this is the one that’s gonna shock you — they think Trump’s the only guy that can beat Hillary Clinton. They think Donald Trump, matter what the polls say, no matter what all the learned commentary says, they don’t care about all these polls that show disapproval and high negative numbers. They think Donald Trump is the only guy who can beat Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders, whoever it’s gonna be. But it’s likely gonna be Hillary, and that’s another thing. They don’t want any part of Hillary Clinton.

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