The Religious Zealotry of the Political Left

Make no mistake, so many modern political battles are not between the religious and the non-religious. Rather, the biggest contests pit different religions against each other.

In this article, the topic is not the West’s clash with Islamism. That battle can be won again. It won’t be easy, but it can be accomplished. The list of battles between the West and Islam over the centuries is a long one. Here are just two examples where the good guys got the job done: Frankish military leader Charles Martel defeated the followers of Muhammed near Poitiers, France in the year 732. Polish King John III Sobieksi rode down from the north and took care of business outside the gates of Vienna in 1683.

The only way the Judeo-Christian West collapses is either through a surrender to Islam, or a surrender to the religion that is the greater short term threat: liberalism/progressivism — which we’ll shorten to “leftism.” A religion is a set of beliefs that worships a god or gods, and has its rituals and sacraments. Leftism has all those ingredients.

As with other religions, there are zealots within leftism who hold to or emphasize different tenets of the faith. Here’s a brief summary of some of the varieties that exist within the leftism religion.

For some leftist religious zealots, man is god, ever evolving. According to these people, someday mankind will evolve to the point where utopia on earth is possible. For other zealots in this group, the hope for utopia isn’t as strong, but man is still the center of all things and is becoming increasingly enlightened. Within this sect, by the way, narcissists make for great leaders because they are already so good at worshiping themselves.

About that “evolution” and “enlightenment,” well, the depravity of man — in evidence on every continent throughout recorded history — forgettaboutit! Look at our advances! Don’t pay attention to the fact that so many of those advances are regularly used to cause untold suffering, enslavement, and murder just like in pre-enlightened times.

For other lefty extremists, government is god, and the more you “let go and let god” (that is government), the faster we’ll solve problems and make the world better for all. The fact that Western countries are drowning in debt and over-loaded with corruption and ill-designed policies — that’s beside the point. All hail centralized government!

Most on the left subscribe to the climate change scam, and yes, of course there is a subset of leftist religious zealots who emphasize it. This is where blind religious faith comes in really handy. The scientific realities (like the fact that the climate is always changing) are ignored, while “models,” predicting doom — replace actual science much like a golden idol takes the place of the actual God who created the world.

And speaking of creating, another group within the leftism church holds to scientism. This is where the incredibly complex make-up of the universe — as seen through the world’s strongest microscopes — is dismissed as no big thing. Here, “Darwin’s Doubt” is ignored, since there can be no truth outside of what science tells us.

Some leftist zealots faithfully adhere to what is unmistakably an important sacrament of their faith: the right to take the life of an unborn child. It is true that there are disagreements within the lib/prog denominations about whether there should be a cut-off date, and amazingly several European countries drawn the line a lot sooner than Obama and Hillary. They both support partial birth abortion — if that term is new to you, you should Google it and learn about that form of child sacrifice.

Another group of religious zealots under the leftism umbrella can hardly think or talk about anything but sex, how they like to have sex, and how anyone who holds a different moral viewpoint about sexual behavior must be completely silenced. The world needs to be one big safe zone where all the various perversions can be lived out and their self-identities lewdly paraded down the city streets. Leftist religious zealots completely ignore the the negative physical and mental health consequences, as well the damage to society’s primary building block — the natural family.

Speaking of identities, a growing bunch of lefties are obsessed with self-identification. Forget the simplicity of LGBT, we’re way past that. This group now has, according to Facebook, 51 “gender identities.” It’s a mystery why the leftist bigots in New York City only recognize 31 of them. Anyone questioning the legitimacy (let alone the maturity) of how these folks want to self-identify are the equivalent to the Ku Klux Klan.

In all of the above, religious zealotry blinds leftists to outside information — and mostly it’s a willful blindness. “Don’t confuse us with the facts!” is their new motto, that having recently replaced “hope and change.”

Image credit: King John III Sobieski Sobieski sending Message of Victory to the Pope, after the Battle of Vienna / / Wikipedia.