The Republicans’ Missing Link

A good one from Steve Deace:

After wasting a generation growing government at nearly the same rate as Democrats and failing to defend free market capitalism in the arena of ideas, Republicans can no longer assume the majority of the American people accept the basic premise of their economic arguments. Corporate America itself is no longer a trusted ally in this fight. Banks are now “too big to fail.” Automakers now head to Congress with their business plans in one hand, and an arm extended for a handout in the other. Health insurance companies anxiously await the Obamacare insurance exchange with open arms.


A society simply cannot keep taxing producers to the hilt before their production stops or becomes a loss leader. A society simply cannot keep punishing success and rewarding defeat before it becomes defeated. A society simply cannot have more people that need government to meet their needs than can meet the needs of the government. A society simply cannot keep printing a fiat currency like its running photocopies off a Xerox machine before it deflates its money entirely. A society simply cannot keep subsidizing other people’s poor choices, like financing a college education for a new graduate who has a degree in something there is no job market for, before all those bad investments kill its credit rating. A society simply cannot be a debtor nation, especially when its debtors are also its geo-political competitors.

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