The Right Needs to Take Language Seriously

Deion A. Kathawa at American Greatness addresses the information war and how the right needs to take language seriously:

The Left’s ideas receive a major boost in ubiquity and apparent credibility because progressives control nearly all of the America’s major taste-making institutions: Hollywood, the universities, K-12 education, and the media. Such control allows progressives to set the terms of national debates, demarcating the range of acceptable opinions on any given subject. It gives rise to another ability: the power to (re)define terms by fiat. After all, when the vast majority of the most credentialed people in virtually all of the most influential organs of civil society are saying X, the average person is hard pressed to meaningfully push back and say Y. The sheer saturation of the information space is a formidable hurdle for even the most savvy to overcome.

Take immigration, for example. The Left insists, night and day, that true Americans should be perfectly happy to accept virtually unlimited migrant flows through our southern border. Not only that, but compassion demands we accept virtually all comers. Only bigots could want controlled immigration. As for the national interest, surely it’s in our interest to open our country to strivers and Dreamers. See what just happened?

Our historical practice of accepting large numbers of immigrants, contingent on the need to build up a young America, has been perverted into a suicidal posture: anyone who wants to immigrate—whether they hate or love America, want to assimilate to our national, Declaration-sourced self-understanding or not—gets to immigrate, no questions asked. Compassion is twisted to mean that you have to outstretch your hand even to the MS-13 member who would chop it off given the chance. Wanting a functional immigration system that promotes the interest of we, the American people, is equated with the KKK’s vile worldview. Sound familiar?

“War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, and Ignorance Is Strength.”

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