The Rights of Children Must Come First

CultureWatchAnother excellent post from Bill Muehlenberg:

I have recently written about the monster march which occurred in France in support of heterosexual marriage. As many as 1.4 million Frenchmen and women came out to show their concern for marriage and family, and to stand up against the activists.

Not surprisingly, the mainstream media offered very little coverage about this massive turnout. And it was even quieter on this incredible fact: many leading homosexuals took part in the march. Indeed, one of the co-sponsors of it is an atheist and a homosexual.

This under-reported element must be highlighted. So too the reasons why so many homosexuals supported this march: many of them know what we all should know: children have a fundamental right to their own biological mother and father.

This is just so much common sense, but that is something in short supply nowadays. Almost everyone throughout human history has recognised this most basic of human rights. But in our politically correct days driven by activist minority groups, much of this common sense has been trampled underfoot.

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