‘The Romney’ as viewed by a Massachusetts conservative

It’s good to see my friend Amy’s book getting the attention it deserves. If enough people learn the truth – Willard is toast. (Willard is Mitt’s real name.) Here’s an excerpt from this article:

Not so fast, says Amy L. Contrada in “Mitt Romney’s Deception: His Stealth Promotion of Gay Rights and ‘Gay Marriage’ in Massachusetts.”

It’s not as if the author has some longstanding grudge against the one-term governor of her state. Quite the contrary, she actively backed Mitt Romney in 1994 when he ran for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Edward Kennedy, and voted for him for governor in 2002.

She is well-educated (graduate of Tufts University, B.A. summa cum laude in history, later earning an M.A.T. in social studies from Brown University). Apparently, her hobby is (or was) making violins, a skill for which she received a diploma and later engaged in as a profession until old injuries interfered. She has also worked as a department administrator and staff assistant at Harvard, and a high school teacher.

We cite this background as a preface to the question: What would prompt a woman of no small accomplishment to turn against a candidate she had previously supported to the extent of writing a 639-page book documenting in detail his actions favoring same-sex marriage — with names, dates, places, news dispatches, and commentaries (including some from those who disagree with her point of view but whose remarks — likely not intended — bolster her case)?


The word “deception,” as it appears in this book’s title, may seem harsh. As a political reporter, I have for years covered politicians who mouthed platitudes obviously motivated less by concern for pinpoint accuracy than conscientious attention to their political fortunes. So what else is new? Ms. Contrada, who has resided in Massachusetts for 40 years, apparently believes that even by that standard, Mitt Romney has crossed the line.

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