The Rubio Doctrine

The website posted a Marco Rubio speech with the following text:

The freshman Republican Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, gave a big foreign policy speech yesterday at the Helms Center of Wingate University in North Carolina. A transcript is here and a YouTube video of the remarks is embedded below. […]

Foreign policy is a bit far afield from our usual topics here at FutureOfCapitalism, but I think Senator Rubio is newsworthy as a leading, up-and-coming voice of the kind of John F. Kennedy-Ronald Reagan-George W. Bush “neoconservative” school of America as a religiously inspired defender and supporter of freedom around the world, in contrast to the more isolationist or humble or “realist” vision articulated by Rep. Ron Paul or Governor Jon Huntsman. There’s a debate over this within the Republican Party these days, and within America overall. Wherever you come down on it, it sure looks to me like this Senator Rubio is going to be an important voice in the years ahead.

I agree. And here’s the speech: