The sad truth: Most General Assembly Republicans love big government

There are Illinois General Assembly Republicans who would like to have you think that while they are “moderate” on the social issues they agree with the party’s platform on the fiscal issues. Don’t you believe it.

First—do away with the “moderate on social issues” garbage. They’re liberal. The big three are as follows:

  • They agree with the Democrats in supporting the right to end an unborn life.
  • They support the morally confused agenda being promoted by those who think the sexual predilections of at most three percent of the population is the equivalent of a nationality or third gender instead of what it really is—human sexual impulses that should be kept private.
  • And they have no problem with using embryos for research despite the “72 to 0 facts” regarding adult stem cells.

It’s time to quit the word game. When a Democrat holds those views they’re called liberal. Ignore what the media says. Reporters are either confused or writing with an agenda if they refer to Republicans who support the big three as “social moderates.”

“But oh, we’re fiscal conservatives,” they say, “Ronald Reagan is our hero!” If that were the case we’d see some serious arguments and proposals coming out of the Republican General Assembly Caucuses for real fiscal restraint. Fiscal restraint, by the way, isn’t being a better accountant. It’s saying “NO” to the many, many interest groups continually clamoring for ever more of your tax dollars.

We could name names but will instead let the reader scroll down the list of Republican G.A. members—a bunch of them are elected in the suburbs around Chicago. Do the research and see if you can find quotes or credible proposals from these individuals that would back up the claim that they truly desire to get control over run away state spending.

If they really agreed with the Republican notion of actually limiting government you’d find that they support simple things like the setting of priorities, oversight of existing spending (such as public school spending), and a Taxpayers Bill of Rights.

But they don’t. They are as comfortable with fat, growing government as the Democrats are. And if Illinois Republican establishment continues on its current course, we’ll soon get to the point where those suburban Republican legislators can run for reelection as Democrats—which is what they would’ve done anyway had they lived in Chicago.

Set priorities. Provide serious, not cursory oversight of existing spending – especially as it pertains to the public school spending crisis. And promote an Illinois Taxpayers Bill of Rights. These three things can prove the point that those legislators are what they say they are when it comes to the economic issues.

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